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Northwest Yoga Feast logo in orange

Free The Spirit,
Nourish The Soul,
Feed The Tummy.

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The Next Feast is July 19-21, 2024

Save $50 with early bird pricing until April 1!

Embrace the spirit of well-being at the Northwest Yoga Feast—a weekend retreat in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest where community flourishes through the harmonious blend of movement, culinary delights, and self-expression. Together, let's weave a tapestry of joy, wellness, and creativity that nourishes the soul and leaves you inspired.

Your presence is not just welcomed; it's an essential thread in the rich fabric of our community celebration.

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A group of people singing kirtan together indoors
a group of people lifting up their glasses in celebration of the food sitting in front of them
Two women painting together outdoors while wearing flower crowns
A woman uses a singing bowl to a group of people laying on yoga mats in relaxation
Blue watercolor wash

Yoga Journal named us number 1 of 11 can't-miss festivals in the region. 

"Free your spirit at […] Northwest Yoga Feast. Their goal is to inspire you with yoga, dancing, performances, and workshops from renowned artists and musicians. And since it’s a feast, not a fest, you can expect delicious vegetarian food in between your workshops and classes"
      - Yoga Journal 

a woman smiles as she leads a procession and hits a drum with ribbons and palo santo hanging off

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a bunch of volunteers smile as they wash up from a feast


At Northwest Yoga Feast, volunteering is more than just giving your time – it's a chance to give back to the yoga community that has given so much to us. Our festival relies on the generosity and enthusiasm of our volunteers, who are a vital part of our team. We truly appreciate their hard work and dedication. If you're looking for a unique and meaningful way to be of service, please consider joining us as a volunteer!

two women wearing headbands are smiling at an outdoor event
two musicians pause for a photo as they play the cajon and sing
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