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Class and Workshop Offerings

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience at Northwest Yoga Feast with our diverse offerings of workshops and classes. All of these classes are included with your event ticket!


2024 Class Descriptions
More will be added- Check back soon!

with Shannon Liebel

Bring back the fun side of your yoga practice! Yoga playground is like an adult recess and you are in charge of where we take this workshop! If there are any arm balance, inversions, or maybe more intricate poses that you are interested in learning or want more time to practice, this class is for you! Bring your requests and we will start with a flow to warm up the body to prepare for the fun of trying new poses!

Yoga Playground

a woman doing a backbend outdoors in a beautiful landscape

with Shannon Liebel

In this busy world we live in, it is sometimes hard to find the beauty in slowing down. In this yin practice, we will give ourselves permission to slow down our physical body and breath so that we can also slow down the chatter in our minds. This of this practice as a moving meditation where we can slow things down and clear things out.

A Practice of Slowing Down

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