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Image by Maddi Bazzocco
Freshly baked bread
a group of people give a toast while seated at a long picnic table for a meal

The Feast

Meet Alana Joy, the seasoned private chef whose 17-year journey in global restaurants has shaped her into a culinary artist with a down-to-earth touch. Alana is all about creating personal dining experiences that feel like home, blending her ideas with the beautiful produce from local farmers she passionately supports.

At Northwest Yoga Feast, Alana Joy will be cooking up simple yet nourishing farm-to-table meals with locally sourced ingredients. It's not about grand culinary statements; it's about good food, community vibes, and collaboration with local farmers. Alana's joy comes from sharing abundance straight from the heart, making it a real, down-to-earth feast.

Chef Alana Joy prepares a meal
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